Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Find a suitable lawyer for business partnership disputes

A business partnership can be explained as a business operation between two or more individual who share management and profits. In some cases, the partnership does not last long if one partner does not want to continue with the business activities resulting in termination. The conflict becomes a dispute that threatens the viability of the partnership.

Some types of business partnership disputes are-
  1. Breach of contract
  2. Misuse of trade secrets
  3. Breach of fiduciary duty
  4. Disputes regarding how to use resources
  5. Failure to define authority
To handle these types of circumstances there would be the requirement of a lawyer to resolve the conflict in a legal aspect so that it should not hinder your business.

Here are some solid points you must ask an attorney before hiring -

  1. How long have you experienced law?
  2. What type of cases do you generally handle?
  3. How many cases have you dealt with that were similar to mine?
  4. Is the structured plan for your dispute well managed or not?
  5. What is the likely outcome in my case?
Business partnerships are not so easy and If you are facing this kind of problem, our team can handle all difficult situations. We can help you to resolve your legal issues immediately and provide expert advice and assistance. Darshan law firm was established in 1983 having 37 years of experience. We have handled the great number of Business partnership disputes. If you are associated in a dispute with your partner or would like to hire legal experts about how to deal with such disputes, the business lawyers at The Darshan Law Firm can provide you with the very best of advice.

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Essential Legal tips before starting a new business

Business people have a clear understanding of the law,but in some cases, the legal implications of starting a business do not meet. Many start-ups are trying to save money on hiring an attorney and are searching for an alternative.Starting a business is exciting, but there are a number of legal aspects that need to be kept in mind before any business start-up, and these are-
Each business needs a legal structure
A critical step in creating a successful company is to determine the right business structure from a number of business structures, entrepreneurs can choose from. Investors must decide whether to keep the company private in the future or plan to go public. They have to decide if they’re going to fund the company personally or have partners.
Trademark search
When starting a business, entrepreneurs have a name in mind, but it is advisable to test whether it is legal and realistic.  It is difficult that the entrepreneur checks that is there another company has not used or marked it before it was founded. The same applies to any product or service’s name.To avoid using another company’s trademark and to face a lawsuit, the trademark search with the Patent and Trademark Office should be performed.
 An attorney can handle the legal hindrance of the business
An attorney is important for the business because legal problems arise, mistakes happen in those conditions we need an attorney. Having a good lawyer upholds legal consequences for the company. They will keep a company from going through legal proceedings and can prevent a lawsuit against employee injury, draft agreements and etc. 

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Signs That Shows You Think Like a Lawyer

If you are going to be in the profession of a lawyer then there should be certain things that should be in the characteristics that define you that whether you are fit for this profession or you should just improve yourself.

Signs that shows you think like a lawyer are given below:

  • When a biker overtakes you, your first thought should be your battery whether it is enough to chase or not.

  • Your classmates walking with you proceed to deliberate whether you were contributorily negligent.

  • A fellow law student asks for your help but you deny it until they purely tell you what help they need and for what purpose.

  • Whenever is your mock session it feels like that your mock client is real all the people surrounding you are real people related to the case and you think like it a must win case for you?

  • You put great emphasis on the thing that how they are done and who has done even if your home and always trying to find out what will be the best solution for any problem.

  • Even while watching movies you take interest in things which can not be done in the real world legally.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

An Introduction to Singapore Law and Legal System

A court is any person or institution with authority to judge as a government institution, with the authority to settle legal disputes between parties and carry out the administration of justice in civil, criminal, and administrative matters in accordance with the rule of law.

The system of courts that interprets and applies the law is collectively known as the judiciary. The place where a court sits is known as a venue and where court proceedings occur is known as a courtroom, and building as a courthouse.

According to Hong Kong based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC), Singapore is the 2nd least risky country in Asia in the year 2010. Singapore’s efficient, transparent and extremely good legal system has been a key enabler for the country’s enormous growth over the past few years.

The legal system in Singapore is based on English common law which says that- All Singapore citizens are equal in the eyes of law irrespective of their race, religion and creed.

Singapore’s law is founded on four pillars – Constitution, Legislation, Subsidiary legislation and Legal decisions made by judges. These are explained below:

  • The Constitution preserves the fundamental rights of the individual. It also comprises the fundamental principles and basic framework for the three organs of state –
  1. the Executive (consists of the President, Prime Minister and other ministers responsible for government affairs and accountable to the Parliament),
  2. the Legislature (consists of the President and Parliament with its legislative authority responsible for enacting legislation) and 
  3. the Judiciary (the various courts of law which operate independent of the Executive and Legislature).
  • Legislation or statutory laws are written laws approved by the Singapore Parliament or other bodies that had power to pass such laws.
  • Subsidiary legislation or subordinate legislation refers to written law made by ministers, government agencies or statutory boards.
  • Judge-made law is court judgments which are considered a source of law. For instance, law cases such as-criminal law, property law, contract law and trust law are largely judge-made.

Friday, 2 August 2019

Darshan & Teo LLP One Step Elucidation for all your Cases

What you need to do, you need to prove to the ombudsman that you are not guilty, how is it possible come to us explain the entire scenario what you did, we the professor of law we will resolve your case to prove that you were not part of that speculation race. Provided that it was the base where you didn’t perform about to face.

Everyone knows, it’s not there pace to fight that case we will go on that pace and prove you were not part of the race. Darshan & Teo LLP has occupied an extensive growth range of local and international clientele ranging from public listed clients to discerning individuals.

The success of the firm can be attributed to relentless dedication and perseverance of its members. We ensure that our clients are been set free from the cases.

We offer both Corporate and Dispute Resolution Service. We are specialised in  Insolvency & Restructuring, Debt Recovery, we ensure that client has a low budget due to the uncertainty caused by the client, so we ensure that we’ll resolve the case at a discounted price.  

Monday, 1 July 2019

How to Connect with a Lawyer?

Connecting with a lawyer is as simple as grabbing the telephone, inquiring for an rate assertion and making that first association.

For petulant problems, the lawyer might not deliver an expense quote till the factor which you make the principal association, so inquire as to whether or not that first assembly may be free.

Before you appear on the attorney's office immediately, request a rundown of information and facts you will have to live with the aim that you could abstain from squandering the attorney's time, which you may pay for.

Moreover, ask while you're required to take care of the whole thing and whether or not you must outfit a store beneath the watchful eye of the legal professional starts off evolved work.

For troubles wherein your best lawyer have to accumulate several installments from you for different things (e.g. a belongings buy in which you must pay stamp duty and downpayment via the legal marketing consultant), request a course of activities so that you can set up your the entirety installments beforehand of time.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Types of Cases Lawyers Deals In

There are various cases in which a lawyer deals in through his life time. List of legal cases are given below:

  • Family disputes
  • Business related issues
  • Partnership disputes
  • Personal injury claims
  • Corporate retainers
  • Company incorporation
  • Building and construction of contracts
  • Service and consultancy agreements

An  experienced lawyer with the great knowledge of law  plays a vital role in solving legal disputes. Famous law firms has the team of highly expertised lawyers with the professional mindset which can provide you the suitable attorney according to your dispute case.

That’s why it is always recommended to hire a experienced and eligible lawyer as per your case demands.