Thursday, 28 June 2018

Pursue a career in a law firm

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Increasingly, law firms worldwide require young and talented lawyers who have a portfolio of
multiple skills which help them to succeed. Lawyers have the responsibility to advise their
clients through their experience in law firms with both skills and tactics.
A good lawyer can create a difference in someone's case.
A client expects from their lawyers to understand how their business runs.

What will make the difference?

1. Negotiation is one of the important skills which is really need to be developed if they
want to be counted.
2. Strong oral and written communication
3. Time Management
4. Research and analysis
5. Confidence
6. Proper knowledge of technology
7. Team Work

Many students dream of getting a career in a law firm. If you are already graduated
and looking for a career in a law firm. Darshan and Teo LLP, a famous law firm in
Singapore is the right destination.

1. TRAINEES: Training is the first step to achieve something. It helps you to learn and gain
experience in respective fields. Darshan and Teo LLP welcome trainees from the recognised
universities to guide you on a right path.

2. INTERNSHIPS: Darshan and Teo LLP takes interns all year from the local and recognised
universities. If you are not from one of the recognised school, but you have that
spark and a strong passion for law, you all are encouraged to apply.

3. SUPPORT STAFF: At Darshan and Teo LLP, the support team is recognised as the
important team. All applicants should have knowledge and experience.

Talent and skills are two different things. Talent is gifted but skills can be developed.
Pursue a career in a law firm is the right choice.

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